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Complete user guide for IMA-302 contained in attached PDF file.
Attached is the AutoCue Video Server DDR found in Studios A & C. If you wish to access the media folder on the server, from a Windows system, map the following network drive: \\\Media
Directions for editing of RTS Digital Signage Content
Manufacturer's user guide for the SSL console in RCC342
Hi everyone, The FCAD domain user database is ready and everyone is in. Back in August of 2011 it has been decided that the domain user database is to be kept and not purged on anual basis. First year students are added to the user database every ye...
As per the new licensing agreement between Ryerson University and Adobe, all staff and faculty members of FCAD are now required to use a so called “User-Named-license” on work and home computers. In essence the license will be associated to the end user a...
By your description I believe the issue you're experiencing is to do with the touch sense. When you touch the faders with your finger the electronics register the touch of your skin and disables the motor control, so that the fader can be moved. As suc...
Here is guide put out by the BBC comparing the advantages and disadvantages of current TV lighting technology.
Please find attached a description on how to connect to the intercom MIUs, check their status and reboot if necessary.
Manufacturer's user guide for the C|24 console found in RCC346A, 348, and 340B.