SSL Fader Maintenance RCC344
Posted by Preston Patey on 10 October 2012 11:49 AM
By your description I believe the issue you're experiencing is to do with the touch sense. When you touch the faders with your finger the electronics register the touch of your skin and disables the motor control, so that the fader can be moved.

As such what you're experiencing is the lack of touch sense. The console doesn't get enough of a trigger from your touch for it to disable the motor and the fader fights your movement.

The quality of the touch sense the reaches the electronics is influenced by a lot of factors. Externally it's humidity, temperature and different peoples skin capacitance. From the console there are a number of factors as well.

Dirt and grease on the fader track inside the fader which gives you a bad connection between the finger and the touch sense circuit on the PCB. However by your description of the cleaning process you perform this has been taken care off.

The other factors are.

a. Dirt/grease on top of the fader knobs.
Make sure that the fader knobs are clean

b. Bad contact between the fader knob and the fader element.
Pull the fader knobs off and reseat them to make sure they have good contact.

c. Fader knob has too close proximity to the faceplate
Make sure that the fader knob is not pushed all the way down on the fader tang. The closer it is to the faceplate the more of your fingers touch sense disappear into the chassis of the console.

d. Electronic calibration improvements
Since the AWS was brought out, some incremental improvements were made to the electronic calibration system that sits on each fader circuit board to improve the touch sense response of the faders. To check the current level of your faders, remove one fader from the console. On the aluminum face plate either on the face on back there will be a little white sticker with a number that starts with 629xxxx Also on the green fader PCB is a little white label that has a different number, that still starts with 629xxxx. If you could snap two pictures of these two labels and email them to us, we can confirm which version your faders are and whether there are any upgrades to be done.

e. Mechanical Fader element is failing.
If all of these other steps are not producing the desired results, the last option is to replace the fader element itself. Do to the age of the console this could be due to wear and tear of the fader elements or mechanical tolerances in the fader elements. A new fader element with some mechanical improvements are available on our web store see link for single fader purchase to replace the troubled fader elements. Alternatively at a purchase of 25 elements for the whole console to bring all the faders up to new elements in one go, I would like to extend a 30% discount for a 25 element purchase if you decide to go this route.

So lets start with double checking a-c and if you could get your maintenance engineer to take a fader out and check item d. for me we can figure out where to go next.

Best regards,


Thomas S. Jensen
Service Manager
Solid State Logic NY
Tel: 212-315-1111 Ext. 14


Preston Patey
Shared Audio Assistant
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