Install and setup RU-VPN2 instructions
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Main instructions for installing RU-VPN2 - GlobalProtect Installation for windows 7


Main instructions for installing RU-VPN2 - GlobalProtect Installation for Mac



- First download the appropriate software for your computer from "".

Windows (64bit):

Windows (32bit):



- After the download install GlobalProtect by following the installation instructions (for more details click on the main instructions link at the top for your computer and follow "Step 4. Install RU-VPN2 using GlobalProtect)


To use RU-VPN2 you will need to activate and setup Two-Factor Authentication from your portal. (


- Please go to "" and login with your credentials.


- Click on "Self Service" in the "Manage my Resources" window.


- Under the link "Personal Account Security Settings" you should see the link "Two-Factor Authentication". Click on the Two-Factor Authentication link.


- Under the Title "Set up two-factor authentication for your account:" next to "Mobile Device" there is a button labeled "Set up". Click on that button.


- Click on your mobile phone device (Android, iOS, Blackberry) to get instructions for installing and activating the "Google Authenticator" program on you mobile phone/device.

- Once a mobile device is clicked, the instructions specific to that mobile device will be shown next.

- Download and install "Google Authenticator" from your appropriate app store on your phone/device.

- Open "Google  Authenticator" and scan the QR code (with your phone and app) found on your "\Personal Account Security Setttings\Two-Factor Authentication" page.

- Once the Quick Response Code (QRC) is scanned successfully, you will see the time-sensitive, auto-refreshed, 6-digit number on your mobile device in the "Google Authenticator" app. This code changes every 30 seconds for security.

Note: please click the Can’t scan the Quick Response Code? link if you can't scan QRC. The section expands with instructions on manually setting up your mobile device. The secret key is randomly generated.

- Next you have the option to enforce two-factor authentication for either:

    • applications that require two-factor authentication:
      (only applications that require strong authentication, e.g. Research portal)
    • all applications:
      (every CASified application, as long as you are logged into CAS, you will only need to enter your two-factor authentication once)

We recommend the first option but you change it at any time

- Now, enter the 6 digit code from Google Authenticator or the secret key (if can't scan) in the text field Code (on your "\Personal Account Security Setttings\Two-Factor Authentication"):

- Click Verify and Save to save your Two-Factor Authentication settings.

Configure and Run GlobalProtect for the First Time:

- After Installation, please wait, this may take a few minutes.  A GlobalProtect Settings window will display. Please enter the following information:

Username: Your my.ryerson username (i.e. jdoe *** not needed***)
Password:  Your my.ryerson password

- The GlobalProtect screen status will state "Connecting"

- You then will be prompted for your "Two-Factor One Time Verification Password". It's the 6 digit passcode shown in the "Google Authenticator" app on your mobile device. Becareful when typing it is as it expires every 30 seconds and is replaced by a new code.

- If successful you will then be prompted with a "Welcome to Ryerson VPN Networks" Screen.


- If you disconnect or try to connect again you will always be prompted for that "Two-Factor One Time Verification Password" on the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device. Please remember you will have to enter that code everytime when you first connect to the VPN.


If you experience any issue please send an email to with the appropriate details (Your name, Contact info, and details about your issue) and we will help you as soon as we can.


Kind Regards,



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